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Updated: Jun 21, 2022
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UNO! is a famous card game. At first, this card game was invented in 1971. Later, it became popular all over the world because of its simple yet fun game play. This mobile game was released by Publisher Ubisoft Entertainment. The game is played with 7 cards assigned to each person in each round. We have to be the first and only player to use all the cards at hand and calculate points for the cards that the opportunities are left with.

How to play

When playing games, players can form a team of two or more people to play the game. When one party plays all the cards in his hand, it means that the whole team wins. If we form a team with others, the score will be calculated based on the points of cards left in the hand of the losing party. If there are four players, teams of two will have a better chance of winning. There are two modes in the game, you can choose to play your favorite mode. The first is the classic mode, and the second is the rabbids themed mode. In the second mode, players can choose some specific cards to play. At the same time, in the second game mode, the rules have also changed. For example, some special cards with some functions can be used. The game is simple, but it is also difficult. For example, when it comes to our order, we can take out a card in our hand, and then match the card at the top of discard pile. This matching can be that the card we want to play has the same value, or the same color, or the same kind of card as the card on discard pile. Types of cards include reverse card, wild card and skip card and so on. Before playing the game, we must know some key cards, such as reverse card. If this card is to be used, it can only be used in the following two situations, that is, it meets another card with the same card or the same color. Skip card can make other players lose their chance to play cards. If this card is played for the first time, then the first player can't play cards.


This game has very rich and cheery sound effects, and when we win the game, it will also have a very dynamic audios, so it can increase our winning desire a lot.


The colors of the game used are rich, which can bring us great enjoyment visually. Moreover, the design inside the platform is adopted to achieve high picture quality, which can make us fully enjoy the game.

Game review

This game can be really fantastic in its playability and interface design, and it is a game with a long history. Many players are familiar with the original gameplay of this card game, and what is different with this mobile version is that this mobile game adds a little creativity on the original basis, and we can invite our Facebook friends when playing games, to join the confrontation with others. Similarly, we can invite other players from all over the world to come to play together. It is just because it is a multiplayer game that we can have more options to interact with other players. And the game play is easy to understand and pick up so it is really suitable among all age groups. And there are many strategies we can adopt in the game. When playing a game, we can learn to count and predict the remaining cards, so that we can determine our playing strategy. It is very important to learn how to predict in card games.


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