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My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge

Size : 192.4 MB
Version: 1.12
Developer : DevolverDigital
Updated: Nov 29, 2021
Size :
Version: 1.11
Developer : DevolverDigital
Updated: Aug 12, 2021



This is a game with shooting and parkour elements. However, it is not suitable for children under 12 to play because the game is relatively violent. But who doesn't love a revenge plot, catching criminals and making their wives and kids proud? This is a righteous fight between a banana and a man. Let's see the murderer and kill him.

How to play

It's a third-person game where I can travel down an old street in postmodern corridors. After tumbling, I can quickly climb up the wall to get to where the next enemy is. During the whole process, the enemy will still fire at me. I need to use the terrain to hide my body and then take the initiative to attack and kill the enemy. In addition to shooting the enemy with machine guns, I can also lift the enemy to death. The parkour elements such as flipping, wall jumping, and tumbling in the game can also increase the score obtained. I can also drive a motorcycle and shoot at the cab when an opponent is chasing me. Enemies can be encountered indoors and outdoors on the road, at heights, and in dark pipes, so I need to adjust how I fight. The new feature allows players to kill enemies by ejecting bullets through the system's prompting method and also increases the total number of points. Players earn points for each successful kill of an enemy, and each kill is a multiplier of the current points. At the end of each level, players can see their rank shared on the global leaderboard. The best thing about this game is that I can see the switching between different battle scenes. Wearing the most excellent closed clothes, I can protect myself from getting shot quickly. The off-road chase on the highway simulates the barbed wire of the road, the rolling mountains in the distance, and the big truck with the enemy's logo. I like this exciting and thrilling fighting atmosphere. It's like I'm in a movie.


Every action of the protagonist will be responded to by background music. Sometimes dynamic, sometimes quiet and eerie, and sometimes wildly exciting. The sound of various decorations colliding with bullets is reminiscent of action blockbusters. Under the flickering light, the crackling sound can always describe the fierce fighting scene. The game's character is handsome and strong when he steps on a skateboard and follows the stair railings of the street down, kicking over the enemy. Still, the soft music and friction make the whole process create an exciting atmosphere.


The atmosphere of the whole game is very depressing, with a strong sense of hatred. The buildings have a cool shade of grey, blue, and black, allowing me to calm myself and kill without mercy. The details of various game scenes are well handled. All reinforced concrete is exposed outside the abandoned building without any warm feeling. Killers are distributed in every corner, including elevators and corridors. As I fell from a height, I could see clouds and mist, and then pieces of the car floated in the air. At the same time, the red blood and the glow when shooting are particularly noticeable. When I was underwater, I could still see tiny bubbles surrounding me. In the battle scene of the pipeline, the dark and rotten breath blows, and the dirty killer hides there. The cluttered environment also includes essential equipment such as televisions and electric lights.

Game review

Under the exciting story setting, the banana keeps instructing the protagonist to kill his opponent and then staging a game of chasing the murderer. Still, the final hint of the ending was unexpected.


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