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Identity V

Size : 2.3 GB
Version: 1.0.90
Developer : NetEase Games
Updated: Apr 14, 2022
Size :
Version: 1.0.1032449
Developer : NetEase Games
Updated: Apr 6, 2022



Identity Vis a quite exciting and very competitive game with a little horror element inside. Maybe you have never played a similar game before. No matter the overall design concept of this game, as well as a story and theme of this game, it is unparalleled. Once the game was released, it was a sensation, and there are many active users every day. Players can communicate with each other about the game experience and gameplay on various social platforms.

How to play

The gameplay of Identity Vis a little complicated, but you can get used to it with time. Because of the richness of the gameplay, we will not feel bored when playing the game and we can also master some skills as we progress. The maps in the game are a lot of varieties. We can see some abandoned military factories. In these abandoned military factories, especially at night, we will hear some very strange and very scary footsteps, which also adds to the experience of this game. And in addition to the military factory, we can also choose Chinatown, as well as churches and other scenes, these scenes will definitely have some mystery.

Identity Vis a multiplayer game. We can choose our identities, so whether we want to be a hunter or a survivor before the game starts it is totally fine. If we choose a survivor, we need to try to find the exit. Once we enter the game, we must decipher the cipher tower as soon as possible, so that we can have a chance to escape. And then after we have deciphered the cipher tower, we can walk around inside to find out if there is a cellar so that we can quickly survive. After finding the cellar, we can escape directly. Each game is played with 5 people, including a hunter and 4 survivors, if we can make sure that three or more survive at the end, we can win. On a side note, when the hunter attacks you when you are a survivor, terror shocks would happen.


In terms of the audios, the sounds used in this game are all kinds of quite suspenseful sound effects. The audio is really an essential part especially for horror games. It is perfect to increase the experience of the players. We will feel much more engaged to play the game. And the sound effects used in the game will change as we choose different maps, so we will not feel too monotonous and bored.


Some of the design is very aesthetic. And because it is a horror game, so the design of the environment and other designs is really mysterious and creepy to some degree. And the whole game style has a kind of horror, absurdity and gothic characteristics, which also echoes the theme of this game very much. The design of some buildings in the game is also very detailed, we can see some dilapidated houses and buildings, etc.

Game review

The background of the game is that we are trapped in a building, and this building seems to have some murders before, so if we want to live in this building, we must escape the arrest of the hunters in it, and then our rewards and some penalties can be obtained by calculating points we get in the end. In the game, we can also unlock some new survivors, as well as the characters of hunters. We can see that each role has a very detailed introduction, we can see his own special ability, and also there are some stories of their background and so on. Moreover, the experience of each character and some of his ability points can be continuously increased. And when deciphering the cipher tower in the game, we can also obtain some clues, and these clues may be some keys to us.


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Oct 13, 2022
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