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Egg, Inc.

Size : 139.5 MB
Version: 1.22.9
Developer : Auxbrain Inc
Updated: Apr 16, 2022
Size : 77.59 Mb
Version: 1.22.6
Developer : Auxbrain Inc
Updated: Mar 21, 2022



Egg, Inc.is a quitecasual and addictive game, which we can play on Apple and Android platforms. In the game, we are amanagerof a chicken farm. Our main goal is to expand our chicken coop, then increase the number of eggs and develop technology to produce more different types of eggs. More importantly, in this process, we can also continuously upgrade our farm, and we can make our internal facilities more perfect.

How to play

In this game, we can raise a lot of chickens, and then build a lot of chicken houses, we have to sell eggs, and then get some money, we can use this money to hire drivers who can help us deliver eggs to sell and develop some new methods to let us chickens produce more eggs.

The most important thing in the game is that we have to use some of the resources we have reasonably. We need to let the chickens go to the chicken house. Sometimes our chickens will be insufficient. We need a little time to make up for these resources, because if the chickens get fewer, our egg-laying schedule will also be delayed. And we also have to find a way to increase our chicken house so that our egg production will be increased.

Of course, after we collect the eggs from the chickens, we have to send them to the marketin time to sell them. At this time, we have to rely on our transportation vehicles. Some vehicles have strong transportation capabilities. We can continue to unlock more vehicles during the game, or let the vehicles be upgraded, so that we can sell eggs faster. In the process of playing the game, we will see some drones flying in the air from time to time. If wespot them andquickly click on the drones, we will surprisinglyfind that there will be some cash incomeas a reward, and sometimes these drones also willcast some soul eggs to our farms, so basically when we see drones, we will get a lot of unexpected surprises.


When it comes to the audio,the soundeffect used in the game is also very relaxing, it feels like youlive a very peaceful life in that farm, so this can also add a lot of experience to the game.


I think the graphic design of this game is very attractive, because as a farm, its overall environment is very refreshing, and the whole chicken coop and some facilities are very similar to that in our real life. And the entire interface design of the game is very clean and clear. Some of the game's settings you can see in this main menu are well organized. And we can go to the settings to adjust the brightness.

Game review

The biggest highlight of this game is that we can constantly upgrade in the game. We can not only upgrade our farm, but also some facilities in the farm, we can even upgrade the eggs laid by our chickens. These eggs produced with the help of the technology will be sold at higher price, some of which can be sold for thousands of dollars Keep that in mind, and you can try to make chickens to produce more valuable eggs in a planned way. Moreover, in order to help gamers play more efficiently, the game will also give some boosters, for example, we can buy a time boost, but the cost of using this special tool is also very high, that is, we need to use our golden eggs to buy it.


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