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Blackbox – brain puzzles

Size : 80.1 MB
Version: 2.2.3
Developer : Grow Pixel
Updated: Jun 14, 2022
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Developer : Grow Pixel



The most ingenious puzzle game for nearly all ages. I can exercise my brain, speaking, and hands with brilliant methods. I even spend many hours happily for some levels that relax me. Whatever this game deserves your try, and you may be addicted to it.

How to play

A refreshingly and creative oppressive puzzle game that can be played on iOS systems. I can download it for free with my iPhone, and I was surprised by the revolutionary gameplay. My task is to solve a puzzle to light up the box. You have to tap a particular item and swipe similar items. Thus the puzzles are solved. But this is not for this game. In order to get large rewards, I have to tilt my iPhone, respond to the speaker, and so on. With some clues on the screen, I can think in a creative way, use my fingers wisely and seek the underlying answers. I have played many games about puzzles, but they are too easy, so I can go through them quickly and get bored. But this game startles me at first glance, the lines on the. Screen, for example, reads: "These next five challenges are similar to the first one." Then the sentence begins to tilt, and I can see it clearly: "These challenges can all be solved without touching the screen. This visual is your hint", only after rotating the phone.

This game uses the characteristics of the actual black box to record the flight speed, altitude, heading, and other valuable information. I will also use the mobile phone to simulate the aircraft's flight and use the sound, brightness, volume, light perception, positioning, and other variables to play the game. Anything I touch on the screen causes my phone interface to go back to the main interface. This game implies the classic Steve Jobs quote, "think differently." My favorite talented designer. Simple graphic transformations send me a lot of information. Although it is very brain-burning, I will follow the prompts and unlock the game step by step, which is also very fulfilling.


For sound effects, it is still my favorite light music without lyrics. There are no exaggerated sound prompts to celebrate you passing the level; only the pop-up window that appears on the screen tells you that you have successfully passed the level. Of course, in order to pass the level, the player needs to turn on the volume keys, make their own voice, unlock the level, and light up the box.


I really like its graphics and interface design. The interface is almost all black, red, or green as the background color, and the elements of the game are composed of simple and complex geometric figures. It started with small square boxes, dots, semi-circles, and unusual geometric shapes such as cones. For example, the two-dimensional circles will spread out, and the colors will change from bright to dim, which will make me feel the charm of visual art. Simple graphic combinations can also make up the sun, which prompted me to adjust the brightness.

Game review

I could say this is the best mini-game I have played ever and a suitable choice for those who love the style of minimalism. Indeed, I have experienced some frustrating times when the levels are too difficult to pass. Whatever, the sense of accomplishment encourages me to try for more hours to solve puzzles. But the only downside is that it consumes a lot of mobile phones because this game uses many hidden functions of Apple mobile phones.


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