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Infinity Loop: Hex

Size : 131.6 MB
Version: 2.3.0
Developer : Infinity Games
Updated: May 11, 2022 Bug
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Developer : Infinity Games



Infinity Loop: Hex offers players a great variety of mazes. In each maze, we can get some new patterns, and in the later levels, these patterns will be in more complicateddesign,butthe first few levels are relatively simple. As a whole this game is not that hard to understand and pick up, we just need to tap the screen to make some lines rotate so that they can be combined together. This minimalism styledgame has gained thousands of fans once it was released, allowing many players to have a different gaming experienceexchange.

How to play

Infinity Loop: Hex is not particularly difficult to playoverall, as long as you understand the design concept of the game. Infinity Loop: Hex is full of mazeswhich you have to solve on your own. In the center of the screen we will see some broken shapes, what we players have to do is to make these broken shapes rotate, then reconnectand complete a circuit. Each level has a different and unique pattern.

In the process of playing the game, we can really feel the feeling of pressure release. Sometimes we will feel the game is relatively simplein the initial stages because you will find the hidden patterns inside very quickly, but the more we play,the morewe will find that the shapesinside the game arebroken into more lines,soin this way the difficultywe reassemble those lineswill also increaselittle by little. So surelywe also need to master some skills. At times it will be easier to start from the inner part compared to the outer part then you can see the potential pattern later. While playing this game,our observation abilityand thinking abilitywill get greatly improved. We have to anticipatethe potential shape of the level in the beginning. When you successfully combine all the broken pieces together, you will find some very beautiful graphics, this game is particularly friendly to those players who are sensitive to graphics, but this game is also a relatively relaxing challenge for other players.


Infinity Loop: Hex has very soothingand calmingbackground music, which allows us to concentrate in the game to help think aboutthe solutions ofthe puzzle.In the process of playing, when we click the lines in the screen, wewill also have some sound effects, which can increase the experience of the game.


The interfacedesign of Infinity Loop: Hex is very simpleand concise. The background of the game is a light color. In the center of the screen is the puzzle made of several broken lines we need to solve.When we play the game, we can feel the aesthetics of this minimalist. The simplest elements and the most minimalist interface design together can help usget a comfortable visual experience from it.

Game review

Infinity Loop: Hexis a line based puzzle gameand it is in loop style. This game is simple in design and does not require a lot of skillsto play. It is a game that will give you a break from the hectic life of work and study, and bring you a moment of rest. No time limit makes the game less stressful whenplaying and allows us to better use our imagination and creativity, makingus getmore immersed in the simple aesthetics of the game. When we finish the game, our sense of accomplishment will also be heightened when we see the pattern it requiresappear on the screen.


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