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Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Size : 599.1 MB
Version: 1.12
Developer : Kiary games
Updated: Dec 5, 2021
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Version: 2.2.14
Developer : Kiary games
Updated: May 18, 2022



Tiny Room Stories: Town Mysteryis a game with somenature of the mystery. In the story our role isa private detective, and we received a letter to go to atown to investigate a mysterious event, where we have to use our observation skills and reasoning ability to crack the hidden secrets. After the release,this game has triggered a massive popularityfrom many players at home and abroad, and many players have spontaneously formed a forum to communicate game experiences.

How to play

Tiny Room Stories isdivided into many chapters. The first few chaptersofthe game are not very difficultas long as you follow the guide and tutorial well. We just have to keep in mindthat in this gamewe are able touseall the things aroundto help us explore. For example, wecan try to see if the window and the door can open. And weneed to see if there is something inside the house can be pickedup. For example, the pipe is a very usefultool, if we cannotopen the door,wecan use the pipe to peek inside the door. As you can see in the game, almost everything can be usedin the house,and we need to payextra attention to the computer, because it may contain some useful information. In orderto find outthe computer password, we can go to open the notepad, and then see if there is a computer password recorded on it. So you can see thatthe main thingswe need to find in the game arethe key and password. The key is sometimes a necessary thing for us to enter the room,and it is probably hidden in some inconspicuous places and it may be hiddenunder the carpet, in this case sometimes we just need to click on the carpet, and then we can get the key. Apart from keys, we need to figure out passwords as well. Passwords can be givenin a form of thehint, for example it could be hidden onthenewspaper or inside a drawer. So we have to actively interact with what's going on around us.


The whole game is very suspenseful, and the music used inside are the kind of heart-strings sound effects, so we can be attracted to the tension in the game. And we canget more involved in the game.


The game uses 3D technology, and the animation is very smooth, so you could explore freely in this town. When we play, we can carefully enjoythe scenerywhile thinking about what theclues might be. At the same time we can also use ourfinger to swipe on the screen from left to right, so that we can check our surroundings and so on. And when we want to take a closer look at something, we just need to click on it, and then we can zoom in. Everything in the room is designed withfantastic detail.

Game review

Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery hasa fantastic game control.And we can interact with almost everything around us when weclick on the items on the screen to help us get useful clues. There are manyvariouschapters in this gamewith difficulty ranging low to high, as the difficultycontinue to increase, it will take more time to find the clues. But this also makes this game more fun and addicting. We just need to be really careful and observant while playing this game.


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