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The Guides Axiom

Size : 112.8 MB
Version: 4.0
Developer : Kevin Bradford
Updated: Aug 11, 2018
Size :
Version: 4.4
Developer : Kevin Bradford
Updated: Mar 26, 2020



The Guides Axiom is a unique and addictive puzzlemobile game that has an interesting gameplay and is rich in different kinds of puzzles. The game has a certain degree of complexityin its game play, which is why it attracts many playersfrom all over the world. Once it was released, there were many fans who voluntarilyshared their experiences to help each other make the process of playing thisgame smoother.

How to play

The difficulty of the game is that we do not have a specific way to crack all the codes and solve puzzles in the game. We can decipher the code in different ways, so we do not need to limit our thinking. Sometimes we will encounter codes with simple numbers or we may encounter codes with letters of the alphabet, so the game is very full of variety and there is no standard to let us figure out the only way to decipher the code, which can also make us unconsciously use our logical thinking skills.

In the first two levels we can click on the circles in the screen, so that they will all show the same color.When playing to level 3, the difficulty of the game is on a new stage, we will find that there will be several small circles in the screen, when we click on the circle, the right circle and its left circle will exchange different colors, so we have to find a way to make them all the same color. There are dozens of different designs of mazes in the game, so these can give us a lot of different fresh experiences, and at the same time sometimes we will also be stuck in a certain level, if we are stuck in a certain level, we can perhaps take a screenshot and record it, so that we can not miss some valuable clues, and if we spend too much time in a certain level. We can also use some of the small hints provided in the game to get some inspiration to crack the puzzle, despite the complexity of this game, we can not give up this valuable gameto exercise our thinking skills.


The Guides Axiom's sound effects are also very characteristicand interesting to listen to, because itis very much in line with the qualities of the very nature of apuzzlegame. And the music used in the game isalso not too noisy, so it will not interfere with our game to crack the puzzle of this process. More importantly, ithas a suspenseful characteristics, increasing the sense of experience of the game.


The graphicsof this game isinhigh quality, and there are some special designs, showing a futuristic style. The interface design and menu design of this game are easy to understand, so that the players in the process of playing the game will not havea lot of distractions, and the whole artstyle shows a minimalist characteristics.

Game review

In The Guides Axiom we will have a lot of puzzles and codes, and we need to find clues and spend time to decipher. From the very beginning to the last puzzle the difficulty is gradually escalating, especially in the later levels we will find that cracking the codeswill become more and more tricky, and even takesmoretime. But this is also the charm of the game, that is, we can play the game in the process of exercising ourlogical thinking and reasoning ability. For us, this is also the biggest highlight of thegame.


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