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CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars

Size : 255.4 MB
Version: 2.46
Developer : ZeptoLab
Updated: Jun 14, 2022
Size :
Version: 2.46.1
Developer : ZeptoLab
Updated: Jun 16, 2022



A game that combines excellent racing and cute kittens. Customized racing cars, intense artillery explosions, and attractive and cute kittens, friends who like to assemble racing cars must try it. I'm dreaming of creating a variety of racing cars.

How to play

The gameplay of the game is straightforward and easy to get started. I need to use various parts to assemble the vehicle and then send my car to the racing field to fight against the opponent's customized car. I don't need to manually control the direction and speed of the vehicle myself, just click a button and watch the power and inadequacy of my tank. The assembled cars of the two sides will go to the finals, and if the vehicle of one side is unfortunately crashed, the other side will win. I had to use a strategy to find the weakness of the opposing truck as soon as possible and then carry out a sustained attack to eliminate the opposite car.

At first, your truck was very rudimentary, and I had to put a rocket launcher on it. Then I had to go and win some other racing components myself. But I can't control this machine because it's automated. After winning, the system will reward me with a supply box. But I have to spend some coins to open the packaged supply box faster and then increase the car's power. In the beginning, I got a blade, forklift, chainsaw, and tire for free. Of course, my favorite is to choose the sticker part and paste this on the car. I can feel it is more fashionable. I just cannot wait to battle against other cars. After beating 23 stages, I can enter the finals. Fighting my way to the top ten leaderboards became my goal, and I felt fulfilled after achieving it.


First of all, the background music is very dynamic because this is a racing game. When the music sounded, my whole body was full of blood, and I stimulated the desire of my own car to beat the opponent's car. It is similar to the racing scene in real life but without the live audience's roar and the host's passionate commentary. But the sound of the car crashing and the iron saw on the car constantly weakening the fuselage is still very real.


Wonderful story setting. The game's racing car comes as a gift, packaged in a birthday gift box. A small gift from the amiable uncle to the player. When I opened the gift, beautiful ribbons were floating in the air. The whole picture was very cartoon and cute. It is made of brown wood at the beginning of the racing car. As the level advances, I can also use the equipment to turn my racing car into an iron and a golden car, which improves the combat effectiveness by several levels. The sledgehammer is also very funny, but the sledgehammer is not as powerful as the saw. There will be kittens next to the tracks on both sides. Once the truck blows up, the kittens can only sit in the parachute when they fail. Some kittens win and sit in the race car with happy smiles.

Game review

Generally speaking, this game brings much happiness to me, and I can customize the racing car with my effort. If you like fire-bombing explosions, please join me.


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