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Football Clicker

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Version: 2.0
Developer : Naquatic
Updated: Mar 13, 2021
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Developer : Naquatic



Football Clicker is a fun and addictive clicker game, which can be played on both Apple and Android platforms. In this game, our main goal is to form a football team. There must be a kicker in this football team, and this kicker must be very accurate every time, so that the goal can be reached accurately. We can compete with other players or robots.

【How to play】

It's a clicker game, but when you actually play it, you will find that it's not easy, because we need to spend a long time on the screen to practice our skills by clicking and sliding. When playing this game, use as many fingers as possible, because it is more convenient to control. When using multiple fingers, our control will be smoother, and then we can shoot the goal more accurately. In the course of the game, we may also get a lot of power ups. Some players may be eager to try their best to use power ups when playing games in the early stage, but in fact, this is not a very wise choice, because if we use these tools at will, it may become very difficult in the next level, which might need more extra help. Moreover, in the process of playing the game, we will encounter some problems. For example, when we choose to upgrade, we don't know whether we should choose defense or offense, because we feel that both are more important, but for the game, we can only choose one to upgrade. Our first reaction may be to choose attack and then upgrade it, but this choice may not always be useful in some cases. Similarly, gamers may face the problem of upgrading their level or skills. Sometimes, if we upgrade our skills, it may be more handy in defense or attack. If we upgrade the level, we will get more rewards but we may also get more damage. As a player, when considering upgrading, you must have certain strategic thinking in it. In the game, we should always pay attention to the menu on the interface. From the menu, we can know what rewards we have received at present, what our own abilities are, and how our own equipment is upgraded.


The game has a very retro style, and then the colors used in the game are also very rich, which can make players feel the unique interest of clicker game. At the same time, the ball is also designed in a cartoon style, which can make players feel very cute.


The sound effects of the game are various, and different sound effects can bring us different game experiences. Sometimes there will be some cheers. These cheers can not only enrich the experience of our games, but also give us some encouragement and even some slight stress.

Game review

This game allows us to form our own team, and then have a real-time competition with other players. We can also play by ourselves, or choose to participate in the tournament, and we can also make our own team and then train players. In this process, our own football knowledge will also be increased, and we can also have some unique fun while playing. In the course of the game, we can also choose multiplayer real-time games, and we can match some very powerful players. Moreover, after we upgrade, we can change our equipment and upgrade some new stadiums. Sometimes it can be played in offline situation, so we can find this suitable to kill time when the network conditions are not very good. Moreover, the overall design is very close to reality, which can bee senn from the details.


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