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Plants vs. Zombies™ 2

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Version: 9.7.2
Updated: May 16, 2022
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Version: 9.7.2
Updated: May 13, 2022



Plants vs. Zombies2is a very fun action-strategy game. It has a very long history and there are many players all over the world. In the game, we mainly deal with different types of zombies by placing variousplants. These plants are with different strengthsand weaknesses. Andzombies also have their distinctive strengths and some fatal weaknesses. We have to choose our strategy according to their different characteristics.

How to play

Playing Plants vs. Zombies2 requires playersto learn to use the characteristics of different plants and understand the weaknesses of various types of zombies. The advantages of plants are quite different. For example, pea shooters may be better at long-range damageand have weak resistance to damage, so we try to place them as close to our base as possible when considering the deployment. Some are more suitable for defense, such as wall-nut and the like, we can place themon our outermost layer, so it can also help us gainsome timeto defeat the enemies. Even if you encounter some zombies with high damage, dont be afraid, you can placesomeplants in the back with great damage and use wall nut in front to protect other plants. Moreover, the difficulty of the game will become higher as we level up. The difficulty is reflected in the increase in the number of zombies we face, and some zombies are very difficult to deal with. For example, some zombies can dohigh jump, and then skip the front layer of plants.Some zombies can even summon many other zombies. Once the number increases, if our plants are very fragile, they cannot copewith so many zombies. But in this game, you can also upgrade your plants. We can use some gold coins to enhance the defense or attack capabilities of each of our plants. Of course, we should not randomlyupgrade some plants. We may not use the plants that we rarely need, because it is a waste of gold coins. We must choose those plants that seem to have strong attack ability or strong defense abilityto upgrade.


I think the sound effects of this game are satisfactory in all aspects. The sounds are variable. Some plants could make cute sounds. The sound effects produced by different plants attacking zombies can also make us laugh sometimes. In addition to plants, zombies will also have sound when marching. Finally, when we lose which is when zombies are entering the house. This sound effect is also a bit scary. These can greatly enhance our game experience and immersion.


The graphic quality of this game is very high, and the designs of different plants are very lovely. Inaddition, the zombies also have different characteristics. Some of them may have some occupations such as baseball player and so on. And some of the equipment they bring are very delicately designed. The interface of the entire map is also very clean and refreshing, and we can clearly see the increase or decrease of our gold coins.

Game review

The biggest highlight of this game is that some plants may be very anthropomorphic, especially one kind of plant called cherry bomb, which looks like very angry, and it is also very powerful, it can successfully create an explosion and destroy a large number of rather intractable zombies. This game is very player friendly, even though sometimes we are on the verge of failing, almost all our plants are eaten by zombies, we have the ultimate killer, and that is our lawn mower, the lawn mower in front of our house can eradicate any zombies on the road, but don't use the lawn mower easily because it is the last resort.


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