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Field Goal Hero

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Field Goal Hero is an addictive free-to play online 8 bit football game. players will play the role of a football player in the football field and strike the football to a far place just like in real life. The longer distance the football covers, the higher score players will get.

How to play

When playing games, the first thing we can do is to choose our favorite characters and equip them with some of some equipment. this game is also relatively simple. When playing, we just have to move our fingers on the screen, and we can slide the screen to the left or right, so that we can control our ball. When we release our fingers, it's the time when we determine the kicking track and direction of the football. We also need the help of a little wind speed, because the speed and momentum of the wind can help us change the trajectory of football. Even if the position and the direction of our first football match are not particularly perfect, we can change the direction of football with the help of the wind. The key point in playing this football game is to grasp the wind speed. We have to play football according to the direction of the wind, because if we play against the wind, it is conceivable that the football won't go far, but if we play with the wind, the football can take advantage of the wind and shoot further. At the same time, we must control our angle when playing football. Also, we can control the ball with multiple fingers. On a side note, we must pay attention to the time limit of every level, and we must play football within the time limit.


The scenes of this game are designed in detail, and they are in a cortoon style and also simulate the football field in our real life, so we can feel that kind of fun when we actually play football games. Moreover, the design of this game is a little retro, which makes it even more lively and interesting.


The sound effect of the game is also very realistic, especially when we are playing football and when we shoot the goal, there will be a kind of cheers from the audience. When we slide the screen, we will also have such vivid sound effects, so that we will have a better sense of game experience.

Game review

Field Goal Hero won't make you feel great pressure when playing, because its overall rhythm is relatively fast, and each level is not very difficult, so it is definitely a game that is very suitable for you to pass the time and relieve your pressure. Secondly, you can enjoy it with your friends during the game, which can also be a good way to enhance your friendship. At the same time, the gameplay of this game is relatively simple. It mainly depends on the flexibility of our fingers and one of our reaction speed, so the coordination ability between our eyes and hands can be greatly improved in this process. Although this game requires us to use a little wind speed, we can gradually make progress through constant practice and strategy adjustment, so we must make good use of the very precise and smooth operation of this game to help us play football. this game also has many game characters, which can make us choose this way, which can also increase players' sense of participation and the autonomy, because as this kind of game, if there is no room for us to choose, it must be very boring, but this game won't, so you can enjoy your customization very much.


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