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Thumb Drift — Fast & Furious Car Drifting Game

Size : 133.5 MB
Version: 1.6.6
Developer : SMG Studio
Updated: Nov 2, 2020
Size :
Version: 1.6.7
Developer : SMG Studio
Updated: Nov 3, 2020



Thumb Drift — Fast & Furious Car Drifting Gameis a car racing mobile game in which the player has to swipe on the screen to take control of a vehicle to dodge different obstacles on the track. It was designed byan Australian game developer which is called SMG Studios. It is available on both Android and iOS systems.

【How to play】

Thumb Drift — Fast & Furious Car Drifting Game has a simple yet fun game play. The main game play is that we as players have to control the car and make it drift along plenty of various tracks. We can achieve this by simply swiping our finger on the screen. And this game has relatively sensitive and responsive game control, so we can quickly change the car’s direction by swiping our finger left and right. If you pay attention, you will notice that on the track a great amount of coins are scattered, and if we pass them we could collect them. Those coins are really useful when it comes to collecting different vehicles. But do not bump to the edge of the track when you want to collect them. Sometimes the coins are quite close to the edge which can make us fail easily. There are some tricks that

players can apply to the game while playing. One of the most important skills is that when the car is turning, it must slow down, instead of speeding forward without giving any extra care. In this case, because the car also has inertia, it is easy for us to run into the edge or other obstacles if we can't control the speed. So we should pay close attention to whether there are many turning places on this track.


I think the sound effects of this game are very attractive and varied, because this game not only has the sound effects of cars driving, but also the sound effects of cars collecting coins, including the sound effects of cars hitting the edge or obstacles, all of which are very similar to the sound of cars drifting in real life.


In this game, I feel the picture quality of this game is commendable, because it can very much simulate the racing in life with its great3Ddesign, so in the process of playing, there can also be a feeling of being in a racing car. The color of the scenery in the game, the design of coins and so on are all very delicate, which can make players fully enjoy the game.

Game review

Thumb Drift — Fast & Furious Car Drifting Game has a comparatively excellent drifting physics so in the game you can totally enjoy the fun of drifting the vehicle and while drifting you can view the various and changeable scenery along the track.

More importantly, this game is easy to understand and pick up, because you need to swipe your finger on the screen then you can race your car ahead and enjoy the thrill, so it suits almost any age group and it is the best option to kill time and so on.

This game also offers multiple cars out there for players to choose from, so there will surely be one that can let you exert your potential in car racing journey. This highly paced action game can let you let go of the whole day's fatigue and enjoy the happiness brought by this speed wholeheartedly. Moreover, in the game, we can see many coins everywhere, and when we get these coins, our sense of accomplishment will also be improved, and getting those coins requires a high level of reaction ability so we can also exercise our reaction ability and speed through this game.


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