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Phoenix HD

Size : 105.2 MB
Version: 2.6.3
Developer : Firi Games
Updated: Sep 28, 2019
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Developer : Firi Games



Phoenix HD is a fun arcade mobile game with a great deal of action and stunning graphics. In the game, players can have an intense amount of shoot ’em up experience. If you want to get as far as possible, you should upgrade your ship level by level. So far this game has attracted many fans at home and abroad.

【How to play】

When we enter this game, we can see that we are manipulating a spaceship, and then there are different kinds of enemy spacecraft in front of us, so what we have to do is to fly the spaceship, try not to let it be destroyed during the game, and then fire at the enemy spacecraft and destroy them. Sometimes it's not just the enemy's ships that are obstacles to us, but also some birds flying around. Sometimes the trajectory of birds is difficult to predict, so sometimes we inevitably hit birds. But when we hit the birds, our game will end unfortunately. Therefore, this game tests our reaction speed and observation ability a lot. The exllent reaction speed can make us avoid these flying birds quickly, and the observation ability can make us see clearly where there are enemy ships. The level of this game is becoming more and more difficult, especially in the last few levels, players need to fight with a mothership and other alien creatures at the same time. In the process of fighting, we can constantly challenge ourselves, and we can also make use of some special tools acquired in the previous battles to help us fight more efficiently.


The style of the game and the design of the ship are all retro, and the style of the whole game is closely related to the theme of the universe, so we can feel the mysterious characteristics of the universe in the process of playing the game. We can observe that the background of the game is in outer space. The overall atmosphere of the game is full of high technology, darkness and mysterious style.


During the flight of the ship, when we shoot, and when we avoid the enemy's ship, there will be some very realistic sound effects.When we put on headphones, it's as if we are really manipulating the ship in real life.

【Game review】

Phoenix HD can give players a brand-new game experience. In the process of playing the game, we can constantly improve the coordination ability of our eyes and hands, and our reaction speed. The most important thing is that we can make continuous progress in different levels. In the process of the game, we have to control an airship by swiping our fingers on the screen left and right, so as to control the direction of the airship, and we have to shoot towards enemies and collect gold coins along the way. During the game, we can't bump to other ships, otherwise we will be destroyed. While we are steering the spaceship, we also have to find a way to collect boosts as many as possible. When we successfully blow up an enemy's ship, we sometimes get some powerups. We can use it to upgrade the weapons and missiles of our aircraft and ships, etc. In the game, we can also choose to buy new equipment using some of the coins we got in the game. The control of this game is also very responsive and smooth. We can control the direction of the aircraft, and then it will automatically fire ahead, so the game is not difficult in terms of shooting.


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