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Blocky Football

Size : 150.1 MB
Version: 3.3.1
Developer : Full Fat
Updated: Feb 22, 2022
Size :
Version: 3.3.1_492
Developer : Full Fat
Updated: Feb 23, 2022



Blocky Footballis a free-to-play action game based on the theme offootballand it was designed by the game developer which is called Full Fat. In this game you can dodge the defense of your opponents and identify your route to triumph.

How to play

When we enter the game, we can choose our favorite role, and at the same time, we will find that we are on a football field once we start to play it. Football players are divided into two sides, one is the red side and the other is the blue side. Each side should try its best to make its football avoid the interception of the other players, and then reach the goal of the other side smoothly. This football field is long enough for players to run. We need to score touchdown, and then get enough points at each level. The most difficult thing in the game is to avoid the interception of football players, because with the increase of the level, the number of football players will also increase, which will make it a little difficult for us to reach each other's goal smoothly. Therefore, when playing, we must see clearly the position of each players in this football field, and then make preparations in time, because football player runs forward automatically, we have to switch directions in advance. Sometimes, two football players stand very close to each other, and this time it depends very much on our reaction speed and ability. When we fail, the game will also provide us with many opportunities to get more lives, for example, we can watch a small advertisement. Of course, advertisements can also be removed. For example, you can pay a certain amount of money in the game, which can help us permanently remove advertisements.


The picture quality of this game is very colorful, and its all characters and scenes are with a certain retro style. And overall, the design of the stand and football field are very cartoon-style, which can make players feel very cute.


The sound effects of the game are also very diverse. When we play football, there will be the sound of playing football, the sound of our movement, and there will be cheers when we win, so there surely will be a feeling of playing football games in a real football field.

Game review

Blocky Football is very similar to a football match in real life with an opponent team on the football field, and there are surely many players who can really feel the spirit of cooperation on the football field. The game is very simple in terms of the game play. We only need to swipe our fingers on the screen, and swipe left and right to control the direction of action of football players. At the same time, our ultimate goal is to score and let the football kick into the opponent's goal. In this process, We need to grasp the trajectory of football, the angle of football and so on, and this game is very thoughtful to simulate the expected trajectory of football action for us, so that we can predict whether the football can enter the goal. And the control of the game is also very smooth and responsive. We can basically realize the fun of football games on this mobile phone screen. There is also a gradient of difficulty between levels. This gradient of difficulty is not very giant, and we can feel our progress bit by bit. When we fail to complete a level, we can get some rewards, such as having some keys, and so on. The key can help us to open some mysterious treasure chests. These mysterious treasure chests can enable us to get some new helmets. With helmets, we can get more athletes.


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