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Marvel Contest of Champions

Size : 1.7 GB
Version: 35.1.1
Developer : Kabam Games, Inc.
Updated: Jun 17, 2022
Size : 1.6 Gb
Version: 35.1.1
Developer : Kabam Games, Inc.
Updated: un 16, 2022



Marvel Contest of Champions has the power to fascinate me and I could not help keeping an eye on this game in my leisure time. The game is a little more difficult, but it's a lot of fun. The monthly updates and the story mode often keep me super fresh with the game. I can also join the game as a team player to deal with loneliness.

How to play

The game mode is unique and diverse. The storyline is based on the theme of Marvel, and various heroes in Marvel will also appear in the game one after another. The player's goal is to collect heroes, participate in competitions, and improve their skills. Players should log in to the game every day because then you can collect a lot of equipment and improve your level step by step. In the beginning, players will get the basic champions distributed by the system, such as heroes that we are very familiar with from childhood, Spider-Man, Hulk and Wolverine, etc. Manage these champions reasonably and rank them. There are also boosts, and supports that can enhance the champion's combat effectiveness in battle, or change the hero's usual fighting style. Players need to go all the way and move the hero to the final battle module on the map. His main game mode is solo battles between players and computer-generated AI characters. Don't underestimate these fake opponents, because their combat effectiveness is still very strong. In the beginning, beginners will find it very difficult, but the more you play, the more interesting it becomes! In addition to the side-board fighting PVE, the alliance mode, that is, the team combat mode is also very challenging. This mode requires players to fully exercise their teamwork ability and strategic layout. After the victory, I can have a sense of belonging to the team and share happiness with everyone. I am very happy. In general, I can not only train my combat power alone but also join an alliance and find a group of players who are similar to my level.


The sound effects of the game can almost match the movie. The first is the majestic opening music, which brings me an epic feeling and has a sense of ritual for heroes to appear. Then there are the sounds of various special effects that appear in the fight scenes. When the heroes perform various moves, there will be very realistic sounds, as if I were in an ancient Roman arena. Champions running and jumping will also have special sound effects, adding to my immersion in the game. My favorite is the sound of a sharp sword rubbing against the air as it is unsheathed. This kind of sound makes my blood boil, and it can greatly relieve my stress in real life. The entire sound effect is biased toward warm and dynamic and combined with the intense fighting scenes, it is difficult not to be addicted to this game.


The graphics of this game are not inferior to the Marvel movies. First of all, the game scenes are diverse, each scene has more than a dozen colors, and the colors are very rich. For example, the multi-colored glass windows in the Middle World, the silver-gray aircraft cabin with a super heavy metal feel, and the ancient Roman-style stone arena. Secondly, the light and shade of the color are appropriate, and it is meticulous and skillful to imitate the real scene. The moves of the champions will also bring special effects, radiant barriers, and bright and mysterious lightning, the whole scene is very cool and colorful.

Game review

This game is generally great, with beautiful graphics and easy to learn. It is very fulfilling to improve yourself step by step with different heroes in beautifully designed battle scenes.


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