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Arena of Valor

Size : 615.7 MB
Developer : Level Infinite
Updated: Apr 26, 2022
Size : Depends on the device
Developer : Level Infinite
Updated: Apr 26, 2022



Arena of Valor is a real-time 5v5 game. Here we can form our own team to compete with the enemy's team, and choose our favorite hero to fight. And in the end, no matter whether we win or lose, we will get a score, and an evaluation of our abilities by the game, which can help us to keep growing in the game.

How to play

Arena of Valor will usually be played by 10 players, and 5 players will form a team. Whoever knocks down the enemy's tower first will win. This game takes a lot of strategic thinking to play. First of all, before entering the game, we must know what heroes we are good at. Some players are suitable for tanks, some game players are suitable for assassins, and some players are suitable for archers. Moreover, we must know the special attributes of different games very well. Different heroes have different attributes. For example, the attribute of tanks is that they are not easily hurt, and they are more likely to withstand many blows from the enemy. Therefore, when we have a group war, we can let the tanks go ahead, so that the heroes behind us can be protected a little more, and so on. At the same time, the archer is opposite to the tank, and the archer is more vulnerable to the enemy's attack, so that he will die easily in the process of playing games. Therefore, the archer must develop more in the early stage, and at the same time, we should cooperate with the team in time when playing. If the player likes to play auxiliary, he must closely follow the archers to protect them. At the same time, if the archer wants to achieve good development, he should also keep killing small soldiers, so that he can grow faster. In the game, we have to update our own equipment in time, because different heroes need different equipment, and heroes develop at different speeds. Some heroes develop quickly in the early stage, while others develop quickly in the late stage, which inevitably requires us to adjust our equipment selection according to their developmental characteristics.


The picture quality of this game is very excellent, and it has a battlefield atmosphere. What’s more, we can see on the map that all parts of the map are very clear. Moreover, the hero's design is not sloppy, and you can see all the small details of clothing and makeup.


The sound effects of the game are also very attractive. When we kill a player or push down a tower, there will be very exciting sound effects. And different players have their own unique lines.

Game review

Because it is necessary to support 10 online players to play together at the same time, there can be no delay. Moreover, as a general problem in real-time games, there are often some moments when the control is not very smooth, but it is not a problem in this game at all. Arena of Valor has been improved many times, and it can be perfect and smooth when players use any hero and compete with others. This game also tests people's strategic thinking, because when we choose heroes, we should not only choose the heroes we are good at, but also consider the heroes chosen by the enemy, and then confront them. Moreover, we also pay great attention to the combination of five heroes. We can't choose all archers or tanks, but we should reasonably compare the strengths of each hero to make a choice. this game takes a little time to play, because it is a multiplayer game, and it will take a little longer, so it is very suitable for us to play in the afternoon or morning or evening.


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