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Size : 1.4 GB
Version: 0.9.33
Developer : KRAFTON, Inc.
Updated: Jun 16, 2022
Size : Depends on equipment
Developer : KRAFTON, Inc.
Updated: Jun 11, 2022



Every aspect of this game makes me feel like it's a high-quality game. I like it most because it uses the most fashionable lighting rendering technology, which allows the entire game screen to mimic the subtle details of the real environment as much as possible. This game brings me a full sense of immersion, allowing me to use the props in the game more stably and smoothly, and immerse myself in the intense battlefield experience.

How to play

After installing the free game, I needed to go through a few steps to name myself, customize my character, and then rank on the game leaderboards. I can customize my avatar to make myself look trendy and cool. When I start the game, I fall into a brand new battlefield called TROI, and I will start my own journey to explore the future world. The map is full of unique game elements. I need to use different guns and machines to target attacks and find a suitable stealth place to hide my position and body. After landing, I needed to keep looking for things scattered in various areas to arm myself due to my lack of guns, ammunition, and equipment. Of course, this is a game that is biased towards team fighting. When I was a novice at first, I wouldn't choose to land in a populated area because I could easily get knocked out by experienced opponents. In the game, I will always communicate with my teammates accordingly, listen to their opinions carefully, and then occupy a good position on the map. For example, I would hide behind a rocky slope, and if I saw an opponent in front, I would aim at them and hit the target. I will fire a few more shots to prevent myself from being too far away from destroying the target's head. With a lot of practice, you can definitely remember some important areas of the scene.

I also take the time to familiarize myself with various gear and power-ups and learn how to use battle scrolls, drones, and ballistic armor. Sometimes, when I come across some lighter guns, I will read the instructions carefully and think about how to recharge. This way, I can use them comfortably when I'm in skirmishes.


The sound effects of the game restore the sound of the current scene in real life to the greatest extent. When the player parachuted from the plane and dived down, the sound of the body rubbing against the atmosphere made me experience the joy of skydiving. When I pulled the trigger, I could clearly hear the metal crashing and the bullet rolling in the barrel. I can even think of the muscles under the top of the clavicle with the heavy butt. The sensual sound and exquisite pictures make me feel like I am on a real battlefield. The sound of the bullet being fired and the frantic shooting after hitting the enemy strongly stimulated the auditory nerve, making my blood boil. Prompt me to constantly find new opponents for fighting.


The game map is set in the future world, so there will be a lot of great high-tech elements. From the beginning, there were several heavy excavators, and blue and white lightning struck these machines from time to time. The iron gate of heavy metal stands in front of me, giving me a very strong sense of oppression. There is also a blue light grid, which makes me afraid, so I can only keep running back and forth.

The design of the gun hole is also very physical, with the black appearance and the simulated screws on it. I am very satisfied with the details. The dust kicked up after hitting the target is very realistic.

Game review

Odd-shaped buildings and facilities bring a strong sense of technology, a sense of desolation overgrown with trees, and near-future story background. With the rich visual enjoyment and exciting sound effects brought by this game, come join my team and fight for victory together!


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