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Botworld Adventure

Size : 649 MB
Version: 1.6.2
Developer : Featherweight Game Pty Ltd
Updated: 18 June 2022
Size : 451.94 Mb
Version: 1.6.2
Developer : Featherweight Game Pty Ltd
Updated: Jun 16, 2022



Botworld Adventure is an addictive free-to-play open world robot battling game. And this game take the inspiration from Pokemon. In the game we do not collect animals but we can make the robots grow from scratch during the fights. And the game world is also distinctive and stunning where players can take an adventure and explore secretes.

How to play

At the beginning of the game, the game regards us playing the role as a bot master who just got the first bot. After a bit of conversation we can enter the game to fight. players can design their own game characters, including their colors, eyes, costumes, character types and so on. Then we can choose the first robot. Different robots have different performances. For example, some robots may be better at defense, while others move faster. We have to click their personal information in advance to find out. The game play is that we have to place robots on the battlefield of the game in advance. We can choose the place in this area to drop the bots of your team. Usually, our robots can automatically attack those enemy robots, and we can also use some special abilities. These special abilities will be placed and listed on the right side of the screen, and we can give our robots some special abilities just by clicking, so that their attacks will be more efficient. But these abilities surely takes energy to use, which can be regained during the fight.Usually, as we fight for a long time, our ability will be enhanced, and there will be a level improvement. There are also many special effects in the game, such as fire wall and missile release. When we win a war, the experience of our robots and their abilities will be greatly improved.


The music of the game as a whole is relatively clean and healing, which won't make people feel a lot of noise, and feel it will interfere with the game, etc. Besides, the sound effects of the game are also designed to be very dynamic.


The picture quality of the game is quite high, and the colors are very rich. There are also many scenes of the game, such as dense forests and arid deserts. We can unlock different robot teams in the game as well. In the process of robot fighting, we can see the excellent visual effects of jumping, dizziness and explosion.

Game review

This is a very wonderful RPG game, and it has a certain story, so it won't feel too boring when playing, and we can gradually explore more and more wonderful stories in the game. The overall control of the game is very smooth. We can move around and explore freely. It is definitely a very interesting game to spend time with. And because it is a robot fighting game, we surely have high requirements for the performance of the robot and its shape. Of course, the game also provides us with many different bots in various shapes. Moreover, robots are with different performances, and they are all designed in the shape of animals, which further highlights their cuteness. We can also go to different places to get different quest in the process of playing games. Maybe we will get some tasks, such as killing some robots and collecting enough NPCs. But on the whole, as long as we keep making progress in the game, we can always unlock many surprises, and we can also explore more different places on the map. The most important thing for us should be the upgrade and enhancement of the game characters, which will enable us to win more quickly in the process of fighting. Moreover, in every battle, our rewards will be very rich in the end.


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