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Size : 2.5 GB
Version: 2.0
Developer : Supergiant Games, LLC
Updated: Apr 5, 2018
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Developer : Supergiant Games, LLC



Transistoris anintriguing action RPG mobile videodesigned and released byone developer called Supergiant Games in the year of 2014. in the game, players play the role of a girl called Red to battle with powerful enemies and gain experience.

How to play

In the game, all battles are real-time, and we also need to use weapons to defeat the enemies we see in the game. In the game, there are many tools in the scene that we can use, and we can also see that different weapons have different powers and damage. After winning every battle, we will also get some experience and more powerful weapons. The key is that there will be a narrator in the background of the game. He will tell us what we should do and how to attack, which will make it easier for us to learn the next destination. Besides, after every battle, we can also get some new powers. These new powers are called functions, and functions can be used in many ways. Some of them are, for example, they can be loaded in our skill slot to help us improve the attack power of our skills. Then we can also use them to upgrade another function that has already equipped. Secondly, we can also use it in combat. Then we can also use it to make a very explosive attack, which can push the enemy away and then destroy another function. There are 16 functions with different combinations in the game. This allows us to have full freedom to customize an effect we want. In the game, players can also collect limits, which is equivalent to debuffs. These added tools can help us improve our experience. In the game, we can constantly explore every corner of the map and see the details of the game settings.


The music used in the game is very suspenseful, and it is constantly changing according to the scene. It makes players be deeply attracted in the process of playing games, and increase the experience of the game.


The use of color in the game can enable us to experience the mystery of the world. The pictures are all in dark color, which is very mysterious to see, and it can also show the depth of the game and its story.

Game review

This kind of role-playing game actually relies heavily on the very smooth control of the game. Of course, there is no need to worry about this in the game. After we enter the game, we will find that the characters move very fast, with our fingers sliding very quickly on the screen, so we basically won't feel any delay. In addition, there are many excellent weapons in the game which we can use and defeat the enemy. As our experience continues to enrich, we can also find the next challenge in this very mysterious and modern city. After we defeat the most powerful enemy, we can accomplish an ultimate goal, that is, to restore our city to its former glory, so from this level, this game is not so superficial. It's very easy to play, because of the depth of the game, which makes the game appear a little complicated, and it may be more like an animated film. We can play the game constantly and then unfold the story. When we win the game, we can also discover some changes of the heroin of the game, such as her voice coming back again, etc. We can immerse ourselves in this very suspenseful music, enjoy the mysterious picture color of this game, and then constantly collect some useful tools for us, and then defeat the enemy to succeed.


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