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Pokémon UNITE

Size : 780 MB
Developer : The Pokemon Company
Updated: Apr 27, 2022
Size : 622.85 Mb
Developer : The Pokemon Company
Updated: Apr 18, 2022



Pokémon UNITE really recalls my memory at the time that I was watching TV about Pokémon. Fun and fantastic game, I can involve myself in this entertaining game. Several hours have been spent, and I'm really into this game.

How to play

First and foremost, Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer online battle arena. As long as you have a Nintendo Switch and mobile devices like iOS and Android, you can download it for free and play through the levels. First of all, this is a limited-time game, and I need to defeat the opponent's Pokémon within a specific time. Basically, I need to invite four other players to join me, and the way to ask can be on the web. Each Pokémon has different skills and combat strategies. I can choose the type of Pokémon I like and then set some specific attack and defense moves. For example, Pikachu is good at hitting targets with lightning at a distance. Players need to choose their own team's Pokémon according to the current team situation and the game scene. As the level increases, the power of the Pokémon will become stronger and stronger. Team-fighting Pokémon all start at level one, and if I defeat the wild Pokémon, I'll be able to level up my team. The scoring area is divided into two parts, and the more points scored in ten minutes, the team wins. Of course, if I inject enough energy each time, I can keep my Pokémon through a game.


The sound effects of the game are also full of Japanese manga-style enthusiasm. From the ten-minute countdown, there is a high-pitched system sound that will make you want to try and excite your heart. Then when the Pokémon appear, the dynamic and loud music will also appear, as if creating a superstar appearance for them. When the battle really starts, the volume of the background music is deficient. Only when the Pokémon use their own moves the sound of explosions will appear, and then the sound of weapons wielding, as well as the sound of various heavy metal collisions, will appear in the ears. The sound of fist-bumping. Of course, many sounds from nature, such as the sounds of lightning and thunder, can also make people feel very intimate.


This game has excellent artistic taste. Pokémon have strange shapes, similar to birds, mammals, and fish. The details of these figures are exquisite, plump feathers, sharp claws, and piercing eyes. The color of the eyes is also vibrant, just like wearing contact lenses. The color scheme of the game has an undeniable Japanese manga style because the colors are very bright and colorful, and the color combination is sometimes extraordinary. No wonder I like these Pokémon so much as a child, such as the fierce Zeraora, the lovely Pikachu, the lazy Snorlax, and the fresh and natural Eldegoss. There are various levels in the combat area, as well as grass, roads, and small yellow petals dotted in the grass. The water flowing in the fountain is apparent, and I suddenly feel that the fighting environment of Pokémon is also perfect. When different Pokémon hits the enemy, there will be halo special effects of different colors. The whole game scene is vivacious, and the battle becomes very intense.

Game review

I personally really like the tension of the limited time in the game and the ability to share success with the team members. Like a strong team of Pokémon of all shapes, and then venting all the unhappiness in life in the battle is really the best way to relieve stress.


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Dec 24, 2022
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